This technique has been developed to help victims with cardiac or breathing (Respiratory) arrest. Normally the victim can only survive for 4 to 6 minutes before lack of oxygen causes brain damage or death.

CPR can buy extra time for your loved ones, until professional help arrives. you can supply oxygenated blood to the brain and the rest of the body by breathing into the victim and compressing externally on the chest.

It is the pleasure of "The Center for Consulting and Health skills Training" to provide you with special CPR courses and 1st Aid in collaboration with the Saudi Heart Association (SHA).

Who should attend:

  • Rescue Teams Members
  • Health Professionals
  • Security Teams
  • Coastguard
  • Workers in industrial establishment of all kinds
  • Employee of companies, government and private institutions
  • Athletes and their accompanying delegations
  • Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities (Teacher and students)
  • Individual and families
  • Domestic workers and people who accompanying children

Hear Saver - One full day BLS (Health care provider)
CPR + 1st Aid Two Full Day CPR + 1st Aid Three Full Days
ACLS for health care provider